No FALL 2018 Sale but…

Dear Consignors, Shoppers and Volunteers, After much careful consideration, we have decided to not have a Fall 2018 Sale this year. (We are sure that you have figured this out already, but just to confirm the information.) Glenn Memorial UMC is organizing a large rummage/yard sale on October 20th. Sellers, we would love to have you participate, and details will be forthcoming. You will rent a table, and then keep all of your earnings from the sale. There will be no check-in, and you may choose to sell whatever you wish, provided it is family-oriented. This sale will support the Glenn School for Young Children.  

**New Tagging Guidelines**

Sellers, In order to speed up our take down process and improve our Seller Pick-Up, we are instituting a new tagging procedure. If you would like your item returned to you after the sale, and have marked an item DONATE NO,  you will need to have the tag printed on light green paper. If you are donating the items and have them marked as DONATE YES, you should continue to print the tag on white paper. We cannot guarantee that any items that are not printed on LIGHT GREEN PAPER, will be returned to sellers.   As always, if you have any questions regarding the sale, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or through our Facebook page.