Directions & Parking

The Glenn Sale is located in the Youth and Activities Building (YAAB) at Glenn Memorial Church on Emory University’s campus.

The address of the YAAB is:
1669 North Decatur Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30307

The building is located across the street from the main sanctuary of Glenn Memorial Church.

Outside of YAAB

In the front of the building you will see the address placard for the building.

YAAB Building Sign

However, this sign may be too small to see when you are driving down North Decatur Rd.  Never fear– we have a large sign advertising the sale in the front of the YAAB (Please note that this is a picture from a previous sale, and is not the current sale’s dates and times!)

Outside of YAAB with Big Sign

There is very modest parking behind the YAAB, and unless you arrive extremely early before the sale, you are unlikely to find parking.  However, there is parking available at two nearby decks on the Emory Campus– the Fishburne Deck and the Oxford Rd. Deck.

Map of Parking 2

Preview Night Parking: On Preview Night, there is typically ample parking in the Fishburne lot.  In addition to the Visitors’ lot, the staff lot will be open for shoppers starting at 5pm.  Additionally, Preview Night has the most YAAB parking available; however, you need to arrive early to secure a spot.

Friday Parking:   Parking during the sale on Friday is not free unless you are able to secure a space at the YAAB.  The cost of the first hour at either lot is $4, and the price for 1-2 hours is $6.  (Here is the full listing of parking fees and information.)  As the Fishburne Visitors’ lot usually fills up quickly on Friday due to other visitors at Emory, the Oxford Rd. lot may be your best bet, unless you are coming very early or very late to the sale.

Saturday Parking: There is no charge for parking at either the Oxford Rd. or Fishburne lots on Saturday.

Please note that we do not have parking arrangements at nearby businesses, and you may be towed if you choose to park in those lots.