For Shoppers

Thank you for choosing The Glenn Sale! Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop shopping location for everything you might need for children from birth to size 14.

Here are some some tips to make the most of the trip:

  • BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag! Or laundry basket, or box to shop with. Anything that is an open container. Your arms will soon be filled with treasures, and this allows you to carry your things comfortably and saves us from using more plastic bags when bagging your items. Convenient and eco-friendly!
  • DO NOT BRING A SUITCASE OR BACKPACK. If you do bring a suitcase or backpack, we’ll have to ask you to check it at the front.
  • BUY AN IKEA BAG: In case you forget your bag, we will have IKEA bags for sale for $1 at the door.
  • Do not open bags or boxes when shopping. If an item is separated from a tag we cannot sell it.
  • Examine items before buying – we cannot accept returns. Check for all parts! If you are concerned about missing pieces, you may ask a sale volunteer to check an item for you.