Preview Night

We always get a lot of questions about Preview Night, particularly from new shoppers. Preview Night is the Thursday evening before the start of the sale. The doors open at 6pm and close at 9:30pm.

For the Fall 2019 sale, Preview Night is Thursday, October 3rd.
Frequently Asked Questions about Preview Night

How do I get a Preview Night Pass?

You can get a Preview Night Pass directly from the Glenn Sale one of four ways: 1) Being a Seller; 2) Being a Donor; 3) Giveaways during the 2 weeks prior to the Glenn Sale on our Facebook Page; 4) A friend or family member can give you theirs.

Are there any other ways to get a Preview Night Pass?

Check local neighborhood groups, social media, and ListServs.  Keep your eyes open, as they pop up closer to the sale date.

Follow our Facebook Page for opportunities to win a pass online.

Can I buy a Preview Night Pass?

No, we do not sell Preview Night Passes. Consider being a donor!

I’m an expectant mom (or a new mom).  Do you give expectant/new moms Preview Night Passes?

No, we don’t, but please check in on our Facebook page for opportunities to win a pass.

Can I give my Preview Night Pass to a friend or relative?

Yes, of course! Each ticket admits one person to Preview Night.

Can I bring my mother/spouse/best friend with me?

Yes, if your mother/spouse/best friend also has a ticket. Each ticket admits one person only to Preview Night.

Can I bring my baby or child with me– I have 2 tickets?

We cannot admit children or infants (even in a carrier) to Preview Night, even with a ticket, for the safety of the children. Our guidelines state that if you are 14 and under, you cannot attend Preview Night, even if you have your own pass.

Can my child wait for me in the front hall during Preview Night so I can shop?

No, it is not safe, and we are not equipped to watch your child while you shop.

If I shop on Preview Night, can I come back on Friday or Saturday?

Yes, of course.  The only time that you need a ticket to enter the sale is Preview Night.