Common Questions From Sellers

What items to do you accept?

Please consult our Seller Tagging Guidelines for a full list and suggestions for successful tagging.

Is there a limit to the number of items that we can enter for the sale?

There is a limit of 2000 items per seller.

Is there a limit to the number of baby clothes that we can enter for the sale?

No, but remember, a single seller code is limited to 2000 items per sale. Also, remember that we receive a lot of baby clothing, so it is best to price your items competitively and only sell your best items!

Can I make copies of tags if I run out of time that have the same item number?

No, that would cause an item to trigger a “duplicate item” alert, and we cannot sell the second item.

Do I have to print tags on green paper to receive my items back?

Yes! We cannot guarantee the return of any unsold item that has a white tag.

Is there a minimum number of items that must be sold in order to receive a Preview Pass?

No, all sellers and donors will receive a Preview Pass.

I have my tags printed for a different sale, and I don’t want to print them.  Do I need to retag my items?

No, BUT if there are problems scanning the item due to the tag, the item will not be sold. You may assume that the item you tagged from a previous sale with a different organization will work for our sale. However, we have no guarantees that it will work, and if we cannot scan or key it, it will be returned to you. We suggest that when in doubt, you retag your items. If you have placed an item in multiple sales, please check to be sure the barcode is still in good, scannable condition. If in doubt, retag your items.

If the items are secure without safety pins on the clothes hanger (i.e. children’s T-shirt), do we have to use the safety pins to secure them?

If the items fit well on the hanger, you don’t have to use safety pins. However, pinning your items prevents them from falling off, getting lost, and falling under the racks, which makes it less likely for an item to sell.  You definitely want to use safety pins for sundresses, pants, baby clothes, skirts, shorts, etc. One trick is to put the tag on the item where it will clip around part of the hanger.

Does the Glenn Sale accept baby bibs?


Can we use a retail clothing tagger to attach the barcode tags?

The only problem with a retail tagger is that the tags are likely to be pulled off as people move hangers back and forth while shopping. By pinning the tags, then taping over the pins, it creates a stronger hold. And we can’t sell items without a tag!

Do you offer to hang and tag for an additional fee?

We do not offer to hang and tag for an additional fee, but please consider donating your items.

What kind of hanger do we need to use?

We request that sellers use wire dry cleaner hangers.

I am having difficulty locating wire hangers. Will you have extra?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any hangers.

Where can I find extra wire hangers?

Check your local dry cleaners. Many have programs that allow you to recycle hangers that have been brought in, others allow you to buy them. Neighborhood social media groups may also be a good resource to find extra hangers.

How should I package crib bedding? Should it be placed in a bag of some sort?

Some people just roll the bumpers up and tape around them and pin the tag on. Others put in a jumbo Ziploc bag. As these things are likely to get tossed about while people are shopping, be sure to secure tags well.  If you are planning on using a bag, to secure the tag well, you will need to first tape the bag sealed after it is zipped (don’t go light on the tape!) Then you will need to tape over the tag.  Press the tape down well to insure that the tape is adhered to the Ziplock bag.  This means pin the tag to the bedding, and then tape over the pin, if you are choosing not to use a jumbo Ziploc Bag.  Remember, we cannot sell an item without a tag.

How do you hang trousers on the hangers?

Attach them to the top of the hanger with safety pins. See Seller Tagging Guidelines for an example.

I have a carseat that I’m considering entering in the sale.  Its expiration date is next month, can I put it in the sale?

No, you cannot. In order to maintain the integrity of the sale, and to ensure that buyers are able to get use out of the carseat, we require that every carseat have at least one year remaining before it expires.  (For the Fall 2019 sale, this means that a car seat will need to expire after October 2020 to be in the sale).

I have a car seat that I’m considering entering in the sale.  It has no expiration date stamped on it.  Do you have other criteria in this situation?

The Glenn Sale requires that carseats in the sale have at least one year remaining before it expires. For the Fall 2019 sale, car seats need to be manufactured after October 2015.

NBA good resource on children’s carseats is The Car Seat Lady blog.

Do you accept breast pumps and other feeding supplies?

Yes, we accept breast pumps, bottles, dishes, and sippy cups in good condition. We only accept pacifiers that are new in package.

I know you no longer sell cribs of any kind, but what about crib mattresses?

Yes, we accept crib mattresses.

I know that you do not take used cloth diapers, but what about new ones, or new disposable diapers?

Yes, we do take new with tags or in package cloth diapers (in other words, it must be obvious that they were never used), and we do take unused disposable diapers.  Disposable diapers sell very well.

You don’t accept cribs of any kind, but do you take cradles or bassinets?

Yes, we do accept cradles and bassinets. As of the Fall 2019 sale, we can no longer accept recalled Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleepers.

You don’t take cribs of any kind, but do you take toddler beds?

Yes, we still take toddler beds.

You don’t take cribs of any kinds, but do you take kid’s room furniture, like twin beds, night stands, and children’s desks?

Yes, we take high quality children’s furniture, but you need to make sure all pieces, including screws, nuts or bolts are included. Due to space limitations, items that are not children’s items cannot be left at the Glenn Sale. Further, you may not drop these items off in our dumpsters rather than returning them home.

I have had something come up last minute and will not be able to participate in the sale next week.  Will I be able to participate in the next sale?

If you can’t sell and are signed up, please let us know as soon as possible. This way we can offer your spot to another person on the waiting list. Your registration fee will not be returned. You can definitely try to sign up for the next sale.